The Kersleti atelier is situated on the Vormsi island in the former chapel of the Kersleti village. In it you will find, working away on the textile side Liisa Tomasberg and in traditional woodwork Andres Koidu.

Traditional woodwork

Traditional woodwork

Dear friends! We begin the registration to the summer workshops 2013!

From us you can order felting, block printing, dyeing with plants, ceramic mosaic, traditional woodwork and wickerwork courses for groups to 6-12 people.

If you like know more details about these techniques, then reserve to course at least two days.

The price of workshop depends on the length of workshop, number of  participants, your request of accommodation and catering and the amount of materials that you use.

Ask for prices: ltomasberg@yahoo.com

If you wish, our instructors will come to teach you also to your place!

Puukursus: kausid, lusikad ja muud tarvilised riistad

Learn with us how to made wooden bowl

The Kersleti atelier’s main goals are:

  • Revival and conservation of fading skills, art and handicraft techniques.
  • Investigation, restoration, preservation, protection and promotion of the local heritage. Highlighting its importance in increasing the competitiveness of the region.
  • Implementing acquired skills in artwork, using traditional methods and local raw material of organic farming to produce design.
  • Economical use of local raw material in the creative industry: testing of handicraft material and natural raw material found in the surroundings, research and deployment of technologies (wood, natural fibers, clay, natural products, organic farming products).
  • We organize workshops, training courses, seminars, camps, exhibitions, concerts and performances. The atelier offers practical placement for students, a place to stay for creative people, advice on product development and heritage technologies.

Welcome to Kärrslätt!

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